Welcome to the website for the Canadian Institute for Academic Freedom and Rights. Here you’ll find all sorts of information pertaining to the history and current climate of freedom and rights on Canadian campuses and within the Canadian Academy.

Why Terror on Campus?

Academic freedom in Canada is being hijacked.  Posters are being banned, conferences shut down, events cancelled, positions terminated, bodies removed. And one of the most important things about academic freedom is that it levels the playing the field. All of the institution-hugging, flag-waving and fear-mongering is detracting from the groups that are most powerless and what is at issue is the power to define – whose experience gets legitimized and whose is so easily marginalized?

Academic freedoms and the rights of both teachers and students on Canadian campuses are being construed in a framework of hysteria, phobic politics, and negativity. When teaching an activist class can get your fired from a tenure-track teaching position or when student activists organizing the Anti-Apartheid week are characterized as anti-semitic and violent, it is a time of fear-mongering and concerted misinformation. It sounds a little like the current climate where civil liberties in Western countries—including Canada—are aggressively eroded in the name of the threat of terrorism. Also, it’s a catchier name for a website.


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